Terms and Conditions

Hattah Adventures Tour Inclusions

The following items are included in our tour package: motorcycle hire of one of either a Suzuki DR650, Yamaha WR250R, or Yamaha XT250, fuel, oil and maintenance of bike on tour, meals on tour, trail side snacks, tour guides as Lead and Sweep rider and support vehicle with first aid on our tour.

Motorcycle tour packages do not include: alcoholic beverages, optional tours and sightseeing excursions, gratuities, travel insurance and insurance coverage for injury to the rider.

Event & Tour Booking Terms and Conditions

The participant acknowledges the following:

  1. A detailed indemnity and release form is required to be signed prior to commencing the event or tour. Failure to sign this indemnity and release form will result in exclusion from the event or tour. A copy of this indemnity and release form is available by request to Hattah Adventures at any time prior to the event or tour.
  2. that they hold a valid and current license to operate the motorcycle they are using for the duration of the event or tour, and that they agree to produce a copy to Hattah Adventures prior to commencing the event or tour.
  3. When hiring a bike supplied by Hattah Adventures, the participant will provide card details to Hattah Adventures prior to commencing the event or tour as a security deposit. If any damages or alterations occur to the bike hired then $1,200.00 will be immediately charged to the card provided. This is in addition to the event or tour payment. This deposit will cover damage to the motorcycle that they are hiring from Hattah Adventures for the purposes of the event or tour. The participant will be liable for any damage caused to the motorcycle to the extent of this deposit. If the damage exceeds $1,200.00 in repair costs, patrons will pay any additional costs. If the total repair cost is less than $1,200.00 the participant will receive the difference in cost. The full security deposit will not be charged at any stage to the participant upon the safe return of the motorcycle at the conclusion of the event or tour. The full security deposit will be charged to the participant if they are found to be riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs, riding in an unsafe, reckless or unlawful manner (e.g riding on the wrong side of the road, speeding etc.), or if they cause damage to the bike due to rider negligence (e.g submersion in water, cause a collision etc.). It is exclusively at the discretion of Hattah Adventures to decide if and when the security deposit will be charged to the participant.
  4. Agrees to at no point repair, adjust, modify or make any changes to the motorcycle hired from Hattah Adventures
  5. that they have sufficient safety clothing and equipment (including an Australian Standards approved safety helmet) suitable for this type of event or tour and will use these items at all times during the event or tour. Hattah Adventures reserves the right to refuse participation if it deems any unsafe equipment is in use by the participant during the event or tour
  6. that they will notify Hattah Adventures of any accident or incident that may occur during the event or tour at earliest opportunity
  7. that they have obtained sufficient insurance cover reflective of the nature of the activities undertaken on this event or tour as recommended by Hattah Adventures
  8. that Hattah Adventures will collect personal information in order to conduct the event or tour. The participant agrees that Hattah Adventures may use this information for promotional or marketing purposes in the future, and;
  9. agrees to allow Hattah Adventures to use their name, likeness, image and/or voice (including photographs and/or film recordings) in any media for an unlimited time for the purpose of promoting the event or tour. No remuneration will be paid for any use as stipulated.


All Tours & Events
Payment of a non-refundable deposit/booking fee must be made at the time of submitting your booking. Balance of all fees pertaining to the selected tour must be paid 14 days prior to commencement date of the tour. Tour participation is not confirmed until full payment is received.

Credit Card Payments
Mastercard or Visa payments are accepted directly through our secure website payment platform – eWay.


Hattah Adventures reserves the right to evict any participant at any stage of the tour or event for non-compliance of these terms, or for non-compliance of any instructions given throughout the tour or event. Under such circumstances, no refund of any fees will be made.
Hattah Adventures reserves the right to postpone, terminate or cancel the tour or event without notice to the participant. Any refund of entry fees whether paid in whole or part will be made at the entire discretion of Hattah Adventures and the participant agrees to make no claim for damages or consequential loss if any of the conditions listed in these terms and conditions are applied by Hattah Adventures, it’s employees, agents or contractors.
Participants may withdraw from the tour or event at any time prior to commencement of the tour or event. Notification must be in writing via email or letter advising of your withdrawal & request for a refund. Notification is taken to have occurred upon receipt of your notice.
If cancelling after full payment has been made, a cancellation fee is payable as follows;

  • Full refund minus non refundable deposit/booking fee if notice received more than 30 days prior to event or tour commencement date
  • 50% refund of tour fee minus non refundable deposit/booking fee if notice is received more than 21 days prior to tour commencement date
    No refund if notice received less than 21 days prior to tour commencement date
  • If a participant leaves the tour or event prior to completion due to accident or injury, no refunds can be made.
    In the event of a mechanical breakdown not caused by any negligence of the participant, Hattah Adventures will make every effort to repair or replace the motorcycle in order for the participant to continue on the tour or event, if this is not possible a full refund will be provided to the participant.


The participant is taken to have accepted these terms and conditions upon payment of the initial deposit/booking fee.