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About Us

More than 50 years of local knowledge and motorcycling experience comes together to provide the ultimate outback experience

Hattah Adventures is a proud collaborator with some of the Mallee region’s most exciting tourism attractions and destinations.

A true rural experience

The Mallee region is rich with history, nature and endless adventures.

With an abundance of unique natural wonders, archaeological marvels, and that famous country hospitality at your fingertips, Hattah Adventures is your perfect escape for a true adventure.

Hattah Adventures is the culmination of more than 50 years of local knowledge and motorcycling experience. Owner, Ken Mansell (pictured) has a deep understanding of and connection to the region. After more than 40 years in farming and over 20 years of involvement with the Australian Inland Botanical Gardens, there are few individuals better equipped to bring the hidden magic of this region to life. Ken’s passions for motorcycling are also longstanding. Having grown up riding through the bush all his life, Ken’s knowledge of the best trails and areas to take a bike are as good as anyone’s.

Hattah Adventures is the merging together of these two outback vocations, understanding nature, and outdoor fun. Let us take you on the ride of a lifetime to uncover how they work together in the heart of the bush.

What to do during your stay

Email: hattahventures@gmail.com

The Mildura region has a long list of world-class tourist attractions and activities on offer. The Murray River is the lifeblood of the area and its beauty matches its importance; no matter the time of year, there’s always something to do down by the river. Mildura also hosts a fantastic array of wineries, breweries, and restaurants, so you’re never far from an enviable spot to enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine.

Hattah Adventures enjoys nothing more than helping people relish in their enjoyment of the area and have a list of recommendations perfectly catered to any type of guest on hand at all times. Please contact us via email for a full list of our partners and recommendations.